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Udayavars Sambhandam with this Kshetram

Yathirajar was the Title conferred on our Bhagavath Ramanuja by Lord Deavthirajan  himself.

Ramanuja spent early part of his life in Kanchipuram only. It was Lord Vardhan and Perundevi Thayar came in disguise as Hunter couple and saved the life of our Acharya from the evil designs of Adwaitha Philosopher Yadhavaprakasha. They accompanied Ramanuja from Dense forest of Vindhyas till Kanchipuram and then asked him to fetch water from the well and disappeared . It is a indirect hint to Acharya to do theertha Kanikaryam for Lord and his consort in near future. ( Even to this days the this incident is enacted by Lord Vardhan, Ramanuja etc and it is known as anushtanakulam Usthavam , and they go to Salai Kinaru the same well of Bhagavath Ramanuja days).

It was Vardhan who again came rescue of Ramanuja when he was confused without proper Guru . Ramanuja requested Thirukachi nambhigal ( who was in talking terms with Lord Varadhan while doing Alavatta Kanikaryam ) to get answers from Lord Himself. Lord Varadharajar told the   famous ' Six Words ' to Thirukachi nambhigal and he passed it on to Yathirajar. The six words provided became the guidelines for Yathirajar to follow. They were:-( 1 ) that Lord Narayana is the Supreme Brahmam . (2 ) that the individual souls were different from Paramatma. (3) that Prapatti ( Surrender) is the means to attain Moksha (salvation). (4) that the last remembrance of the Paramapitha  on the part of the departing soul was not necessary. (5) that Moksha ( Salvation) can be obtained only on laying off the mortal coils  & (6) that Yathirajar  should take refuge at the feet of Periya Nambi also known as Mahapurna ( He was one of the five Shishya of Yamunai Thuraivan) .

Finally Varadhan helped him to defeat Yagnamoorthy a great Adwaitha Scholar. Our Bhashyakar was debating with this Adwaitha Scholar regarding the superiority of the Vishistadwaita over Adwaitha  , Debate was continuing  and it was was not ending, then one night Deavthirajan appeared in in Yathirajar's dream and hinted that he should recall the arguments against the "Theory of Illusion" adopted great Preceptor Yamunai Thuraivan , which will enable him to triumph over his opponent. As desired by Lord he did  and and defeated Yagnamoorthy and made him embrace Vishistadwaita  , Since Ramanuja could defeat Yagnamoorthy with the help of Kanchi Perarulalan he named Yagnamoorthy as   Sri Arulaalapperumal Emperumanar.


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